Things are changing here at Rockin' A Distillery!

Our original 35 gallon pot stills are being replaced with a new 300 gallon whiskey system. During the next couple months bare with us as we transition the distillery production area, (Pictures of the new equipment can be seen on the main page picture slide show) We're excited for the future production of our flag ship MO Shine Missouri corn whiskey and the anticipated production of an heirloom version (grains grown by our own in house farmer, Trent Smith Farms) and of course a Missouri Bourbon! This will take some time and we appreciate your patience during this transition. We believe it will be well worth the wait!

To the future of Rockin' A Distillery


Rockin’A MO Shine is a corn whiskey made from local Missouri corn. Produced in small batches, using a 100% grain mash. Rockin’A MO Shine is twice distilled in a special, handmade, all copper pot still. The first distillation uses a traditional pan head to create our "low wines" while the spirit run (second distillation) is done using a rocket reflux head.  The still is heated using direct fire (attention to detail is extremely important at this point) and is rare in today's true "craft" distilleries.  

Rockin’A controls every step of the spirit-making process: From obtaining the best local grain to milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, barreling, and finally bottling.  MO Shine is a real small batch, handcrafted whiskey. Our process is time consuming and labor intensive, but it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary when your goal is QUALITY. In a world full of computer generated, mass-produced spirits, only a few are truly handcrafted and small-batched.

Rockin ‘A will also make premium Brandy and Grappa. These fruit spirits are sourced from local growers and our own estate grown wine grapes.

All our our aged spirits will "rest" or "mature" in Missouri white oak barrels sourced from a local cooperage.


Our Story


Although my professional career has been commodity trading, my passion has been making fine wine and spirits over the past 20 years. Friends and strangers alike have consistently raved about my beverages and encouraged me to go full bore into producing my own brand.  I started thinking seriously about starting my own distillery in 2012. The closing of the trading floors gave me the kick in the pants I needed to give it 100% of my time and effort. With the support of my family and friends, we packed up in Chicago and moved to the farm in Missouri (My home State). Here,  I am able to pour my passion for quality into every aspect of this new and exciting venture.

​One thing ingrained in me is that the best spirits come from the best ingredients. That’s why Rockin’A is located in Creighton, a part of the Great Midwestern Corn Belt that spans from Kansas to Ohio. We source all our grains from local Missouri farms, supporting the local economy and sustainable agriculture.

We're not starting with a 100 year old legendary recipe, 
​We're creating a recipe to be legendary for the next 100 years!